Certified-Notarized Translation Services

Certified translation is the translation of the official documents like court documents, contracts. etc. that require legal obligation. The translated text is further sent to the public notary for approval. Our company follows up all approval and authentication procedures relating to the translated texts. Copies of the national ID cards, certificates of naturalization, testaments, official approvals from public agencies (notarized), transcripts, certificates of birth, passports, marriage certificates, divorce documents, academic degrees, court decisions, IDs of immigrants, diplomas and adoption certificates etc. are examples of the notarized translations.


Legal Translation

Our company provides services to its distinguished solution partners with the help of the most outstanding translators and interpreters of Turkey.

Following are the examples of the documents translated by our company: user’s manuals for engineering, land surveying and cadastre; court decisions; legal correspondences; laws and regulations; contracts; patent applications; declarations; powers of attorney; licenses; driving licenses; letters of consent; written warnings and testaments; EU legislation; title deeds; etc.


Translation of Trade-Related Documents

Our experienced translators translate into the target language the following trade-related documentation: signatories circular, administrative specifications, dispatch notes, invoices, business correspondences, rental contracts, insurance policies, analysis certificates, ATA carnets, ATA certificates, certificates of origin, customs declarations, shipping lists, purchase sale agreements, franchise agreements, license agreements, distributorship agreements, credit contracts, CE certificates, ISO certificates, TUV certificates, quality certificates, certificates of conformity, producer’s certificates, certificate of authorization, certificate of competence, articles of incorporation, board decisions, cash flow statements, sales reports, letters of guarantee, proposals, international commitments, minutes of the meetings, etc.

Technical Translations

With our experienced translators, we offer impeccable services to our clients in the field of technical translations. Our company conducts the technical translation of user’s manuals, brochures, technical specifications and scientific studies in the following technical areas: automotive, automation, mechatronics, energy, agriculture, food, banking and finance, metallurgy, maritime, telecommunication, software and computer, electrics, general electronics, communication devices, automotive, textile, information technology, construction, architecture, production machineries, medical devices, air land vehicles and machineries, agriculture, environment, mechanical engineering, chemistry, medical science, economy, infrastructure and sewage, printworks and packing, quality assurance and quality management systems, certification, security systems, aviation, building etc.


Literary Translation

Literary translation is a field of special translation. We offer literary translations for our clients with the help of our experienced translators who transfer the literary style of the original text into the target text by translating literary works as: books, magazines, film scripts, theatre plays, letters, poetry, novels and stage plays.


Financial Translation

In respect of financial translation, our company offers the translation of such financial texts as: monthly, quarterly and annual reports, financial reports, bank statements, bank reports, economic reports, investment and marketing reports, securities and fund prospectuses, financial statements, equity certificates, market analyses, equity researches, company reports, press ads, insurance policies and indemnities, profit and loss statements, labor economy, economic bulletins, economic analyses, financial analyses, economic data, financial bulletin, finance economy, financial support documents, sales brochures, financial websites, bulletins, financial articles, books, magazines, periodicals and presentations on financial issues, funds, financial bulletin etc.

Medical Translation

In order to support the medical sector in Turkey, we are providing qualified and impeccable medical translation services to our clients. The medical translation services we provide cover the translation of the medication packages, licenses and patents of the medical products and devices, patents of medicines, medical diagnosis and treatment devices, manuals of devices, documentation regarding the compatibility of the medical devices, manuals of the medical hardware and devices, catalogues, technical features, end-user information catalogues, correspondences of the medical hardware and device companies, catalogues and websites of the hospitals and pharmacies, clinical reports, articles and researches of toxicology, anesthesia, pathology, biostatistics, traumatology, internal diseases, orthopedia, dentistry, microbiology, diagnostics, cardiology, endocrinology and chest diseases.

Desktop Publishing

Since our company attaches great importance to the commercial successes of the solution partners, we have achieved outstanding successes in desktop publishing with the support of the translators who are specialized in literature and computer skills. Our professional translators translate the books, brochures, user’s manuals, flyers, ads, etc. in line with the desired format.

The documents that will be printed are meticulously translated and prepared for printing. These documents are proofread as the last step which prevents the printing errors that may be extremely difficult to be corrected during the publishing process. By using this method, we achieve successful results that make all our solution partners happy.

Editing and Proofreading

Editing services refer to the perusal and review of the translated texts in respect of grammar, form, punctuation, notation and meaning. These texts are then corrected against mistakes. There might even be mistakes of this kind in the translations of the experienced translators. With the ultimate goal of providing impeccable services to our clients, the editing team of our company checks the translated texts. In this respect, our company implements an ‘impeccable text’ policy to ensure that the translated text contains no mistakes whatsoever.

Our company provides proofreading services with the help of native editors and translators and a semantic cohesion is thus ensured throughout the entire text. The translated texts are therefore integrated with the relevant elements of the target language. Our company provides editing and proofreading services upon the request of our clients.

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