Simultaneous Interpretation


Simultaneous Interpretation is the synhcronous and instantaneous transfer of the expressions of speakers from one language into the other, by experienced interpreters inside a booth. Simultaneous interpretation is held with the help of a microphone and headphones installed in the booth. The audience receives the interpreted message of the speaker by using the headsets developed for simultaneous interpretation purposes. Our company procures any technical equipment like a high quality booth and all other equipment required for simultaneous interpretation.


Consecutive Interpretation


Consecutive Interpretation does not require any technical equipment or booth as is the case in simultaneous interpretation. During consecutive interpretation, the interpreter positions himself/herself nearby the speaker and the speaker delivers a short speech for a few minutes. In the meantime, the interpreter takes notes and when the speaker stops and gives a short break, the interpreter interprets the speech in a cohesive manner. One should take notice of the fact that the duration of the conferences using this method will be longer.


Escort/Whisper Interpreting


Escort/Whisper interpreting is a method where the interpreter delivers the speeches to the audience simultaneously with a low voice or by whispering. Escort/Whisper interpreting does not require any booth, technical equipment, sound systems etc. and is particularly used during visits and meetings with few participants. It is also used during diplomatic or political meetings where only one person needs interpreting services.

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