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We have a young and dynamic tram of project managers each of which is a translator and interpreter. Any time you contact us you will realize how dedicated we are to our profession. Therefore the assignments sent by you are never considered only a task or a duty for such a conscious and innovative PROFFESIONAL TEAM We are aware of the fact that in today’s world every work accounts and is urgent as the process developed rapidly. This is the reason why our SPEED in completing the translation is worth seeing.

As the Ben Tercüme Family, we consider every single work as a PROJECT regardless of the dimension and content of these works ACCEESIBILITY for us is responding 7/24 to your translation requests that you provided to us via e-mail or by phone. We are well aware of the fact that each project be it a translation or an interpreting request, will represent you directly. Therefore we assign the most suitable translators and interpreters for your requests. We think that conducting those QUALIFIED works is not aiming at raising awareness but it is an obligation per se.

As the Ben Tercüme Family, we always aim at establishing long-term relationship with our business partners. We are aware of the fact that our business partners always work with us due to the our service quality, sensitivity towards the urgency and importance of the work, timely delivery of translation projects, tolerance shown by our interpreters and interlocutors at the interpreting projects and providing customer-oriented solutions after the delivery of the project etc. Because of these reasons, the fundamental principle of our institution is to put forth A SOLUTION-ORIENTED BUSINESS PROCESS.

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Our company has adopted the business ethics of attributing utmost importance to ensuring customer care and earning in cooperation and mutual respect and trust.

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