1.Simultanenous Systems

Ben Tercüme provides booths, headsets, interpreting units and all other technical interpreting equipment for national and international conferences, seminars, congresses, etc.


(a) Infoport Sistem

Independent of any physical conference hall, our company provides a portable simultaneous interpretation mechanism composed of wireless microphones and wireless headsets. This mechanism known as infoport provides the interpreter with the opportunity to perform simultaneous interpretation activities without being affected by the external noise. The audience may listen to interpretation without experiencing the noises that regularly come from the booths.


2. Prompter

Ben Tercüme provides the speakers with the opportunity to follow the text of their speeches through the screen situated in front of them. Prompters are generally used by presenters and anchor men.


3. Video Conference

Our company provides telecommunication services that enable simultaneous audiovisual contact between the individuals who are situated in two or more locations.


4. Technical Equipment

Ben Tercüme provides you with different types of Analogous Conference Systems, Built-in Conference Systems, Digital Conference Systems and Wireless Conference Systems.

A/V Systems

Ben Tercüme provides a wide range of LED screens, (indoor-outdoor), projectors, slide projectors, data switcher, video conventer, plasma screens, projection screens etc. Using A/V equipment during the conferences will make presentations more effective. We are here to provide you with professional assistance.


Camera Shooting

Our company provides our distinguished clients with video shooting and recording services by means of high quality HD and CV recording cameras for national and international conferences, congresses, seminars, symposia etc.


Sound Systems

Ben Tercüme has a wide range of state-of-the-art technology as loudspeakers, power amplifiers, mixers, microphones and other sound equipment. Each of these devices may be used for indoor and outdoor organizations. We offer services with our experienced technical staff and a wide range of products.


Office Equipment & Multimedia

Ben Tercüme provides any office equipment and multimedia devices as laptops, photocopy machines, scanners, printers, fax and UPS devices that may be needed for national and international congresses, seminars, conferences, symposia etc.

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